All packages include treatments of any one specific area face, chest or back with our state of the art Isolaz™ laser. Designed to target the issues of acne through deep pore purification, removal of oils and debris, along with significant reduction in pore size, this laser uses broadband light to purify the skin from the inside out.

We also recommend a microdermabrasion as preparation for the laser treatments. Designed to slough off and loosen dead skin cells using the projection of aluminum oxide crystals in a precise stream, this treatment gives the skin an excellent platform for the laser to work at maximum efficiency.

Finally by adding a wonderful clarifying mask after your treatment to calm the skin, you will effectively complete the process of deep cleansing and boost the acne fighting power of your regimen.

We feel a combination of these three steps, along with our specifically targeted topical treatments, will help fight the fight against acne issues and leave your skin smoother, softer and under control.  We will do the fighting for you!


ReFirme™ stimulates collagen production and produces a firming affect in lax skin, featuring technology that combines radio frequency and light energies. ReFirme™ produces noticeable lifting, increased tone, and reduces fine lines and wrinkles without downtime.

Most clients see gradual improvement of the treated areas following the first treatment. The skins surface will appear tighter, firmer and smoother. ReFirme™ results will be most apparent 6-8 weeks following the final treatment. However, the total number of treatments required depends on your skins condition. We recommend maintenance treatments periodically, following the complete treatment regimen. Like all non-surgical or surgical techniques, results will last longer if you follow a good skin care regimen. This is a great non-surgical alternative to a face-lift!  So, if you are looking to stop the clock on the aging process this is the treatment for you!



Using specially formulated pigment laser tips this treatment effectively targets Hyper-pigmentation due to hormonal imbalance, sun damage, scarring and the skins natural aging process.  Following treatments combined with our 4% Hydroquinone lightening cream; you can expect to see a dramatic improvement in the skins texture and tone with a brighter complexion.