How we got here


An Ophthalmologist since 1997, Dr. Reyes regularly utilized Botox in her practice for treatments of eye conditions.  When Botox was approved for cosmetic use in 2002, Dr. Reyes was able to meet the overwhelming requests by her patients for aesthetic improvements.  As her patient list continued to grow, in 2007 The Med Spot was born out of both necessity and a love for her work.  Located in the heart of Woodland Hills, The Med Spot loves making the Valley a more beautiful place.


Due to Dr. Reyes’ skillful eye and artistry, people transform here daily.  From age related stressors on the skin, to the need to just be refreshed, The Med Spot serves as a safe, comfortable environment for transforming you into your best self.  We strive to meet the individual needs of all our patients and with that in mind, we will walk you through every step of your treatment.  From deciding on a procedure plan to making sure you are happy and that your experience here goes smoothly,  to put it quite simply – we are here for you.  Never hesitate to call us with any questions.  We cannot wait to meet you!